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May Wedderburn Cannan 1893-1973

May Wedderburn Cannan 1893-1973

May Wedderburn Cannan published three volumes of poetry during and after the First World War.

These were followed by a novel, The Lonely Generation, and some short stories.

In her seventies May wrote her autobiography: the first volume, Grey Ghosts and Voices, was published in 1976, after her death.

In War Time, Blackwell, 1917

The Splendid Days, Blackwell, 1919

The House of Hope, Humphrey Milford, 1923

The Lonely Generation, Hutchinson, 1934

Grey Ghosts and Voices, Roundwood Press, 1976

In 2000, Charlotte Fyfe published The Tears of War, which tells the story of May and her engagement to Bevil Quiller-Couch: available from cavalierpaperbacks.co.uk